Heavy Weight Organic 18" OD Circles w / slit and center "X"

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4.00 LBS
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Product Overview

New !
18" x 18" Squares - Pre-Slit and Center "X"
For all your berry plants and new orchard plantings
100% Bio-Based Natural Organic Formulation
100% Bio-Degradable

Gives your new planting's a stronger and healthier start
Super Easy to Use, WeedGuardPlus Heavy Weight Squares block weeds, 
allow plants and soil to breathe and feed the soil with organic matter as it biodegrades

All-Natural Weed Controlling Mulch Squares
Pre-Slit with "Center X" for easy and quick placement around plants

Use for perennial plantings in landscaping too
Used by USDA Forest Service Agencies
Government Agencies - please call for special volume pricing 800-654-5432

Choose 50 Sheets per Carton or 250 Sheet Carton;
Need Larger Volumes, Please Call for Pricing


(No reviews yet) Write a Review