Maize Mulch Heavy Fabric (Degradable) - Black

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40.00 LBS
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Product Overview

Great weed control for your alley's between the rows. This woven fabric is more environmentally-friendly than polyethylene and polypropylene plastics and will eventually bio-degrade. It blocks weeds and saves you time on the costs of cleaning up and disposing of black plastic. Made from corn starch, this fabric-like material prevents weeds and moderates soil temperatures. It’s compliant with EN13432 European biodegradable and compostable standards.

1 roll per carton.

Price is per carton.

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Warranty Information

NOTE: Spring can bring on extreme weather, high velocity winds, torrential rains, hail, flooding and unpredictable climatic events. Laying out the WeedGuard, making plant holes and planting are not recommended during bad weather periods. If you are in a highly exposed field, where winds can be extreme, and heavy rains are expected, it is best to wait until conditions are good before proceeding. As climatics and usage methods vary, we are not able to provide product performance guarantees. If you have questions or need help with installation, please give us a call 800-654-5432


(No reviews yet) Write a Review