Customer Feedback

Here are some messages we have received from customers:

Original WeedGuardPlus Standard Weight 

Hi Mike
I just placed an order today for 4 more rolls. The below picture was from last year and our strawberries are doing fantastic. Our weeding time dropped from 4 weeks to 3 days. Thank you for making such a great product and saving my back. We laid the paper down by hand with my quad holding the roll. The berry plants were already in the ground. It took a day to lay out the 1500'.

be sure to lay out on a calm day otherwise can blow about some; then hold down edges, soil, straw or long pices of 1x1 wood works too if you see gaps along edge, quickly put more soil or somethin to keep the opening from getting larger and letting wind get under the mulch, once in place seems to work good and keep weeds away

Have used Weedguard products for years in our large home garden. Rather than "soiling" the edges, I put sunflower stalks along the edges and hold them down with landscape pins. After prep and planting, the only thing I have to do is water - no weeding! It's amazing how much labor it saves!


Original WeedGuardPlus Heavy Weight Creped & Plain

I have been using this paper ever since it came in the 60 inch width. It fits my raised beds perfectly. Easy to lay and plant through and lasts the whole season even with some heavy watering. I use two by fours instead of dirt to secure the edges my beds and they work extremely well. In the fall I till the remainder in and let it compost until spring. It takes a 250 foot roll each year for my garden area. The best garden investment I make. By the way I am trying to leave a five star rating but don't know if it is registering. The stars keep moving around!

We purchased multiple rolls of this paper to use for weed suppression at our Hop farm. We needed to cut holes to meet the 36" plant spacing, and that was arduous, but still better at weed suppression than anything else I have used. The crepe design helps flex over the mound and it lasted and then dissolved as if on a clock: perfect for our growing season. Five stars+

I have used this heavy duty paper for the last 3 years in my Certified Naturally Grown (CNG) market garden. It almost eliminates all wedding and insect activity is also reduced. I wish I had started using it sooner. I don't burry the sides. I merely put it under my path coverings then lay old gutter rails down to keep the wind from picking it up on a newly planted bed. Once the plants grow out, the rails get moved to other gardens and sand is placed on top of the path coverings.This system practically eliminates all wedding and saves hours of labor.

I LOVE this weed block paper. I use the 48" heavy-duty, creped paper on my raised garden beds. I used to use the plain/flat paper, but the scrunch of this paper gives it some flexibility--so much easier to work with.

Each Spring: Before laying out the paper, I like to add any soil amendments to my garden (compost). Then I cut and lay out a sheet of weedblock on each of my garden beds. Next I cover with a thin layer of peat or coconut coir. (You have to do this to hold the paper in place--especially at the edges. It also seems to last longer when covered.) It's easier to poke holes or spaces in the paper for planting if the paper is damp. The soil stays healthy and happy underneath. Plants thrive. My weeding time is reduced by 80-90%! By the end of the season, the paper is mostly decomposed, and it's fully decomposed by next spring. This paper is better and more economical than any other mulch I've ever tried--even with the expense of peat/coconut coir. I'm so glad I found this product. I only wish more people knew about it.

This is what I have been using for about 7 years now. Deer can punch through it but the sheet still stays down even in windy areas if properly applied. Come fall I just till it back in and plant my cover crop. Good stuff.


I have been using this paper since the first year the 60 inch was available. I am not a commercial grower but I use 30+ five by ten foot raised beds for my household garden. After the soil is tilled for the year I just lay and secure the paper then cut holes for seeds or transplants. Very few weeds even through a long Texas summer. I use the pre-punched 3 foot paper for beans and peas. Wish you guys would do the pre-punched in a 60 inch also. The next spring I till in the remnants and start over. Incredible help for a mid 70's guy. 

Pre-Punched 5X

Used this paper for the first time last year. Have used for onions, peas and beans. These are the crops that are the devil to keep weed free. Terrific difference over the season. Have used the plain paper for a long time. Now I can use paper everywhere in my beds. Thanks for a great product. Five stars

this product has worked beautifully for the last two or three years excellent weed control. Five stars

I've been using WG Pre-Punched for 2 years and it saves me at least 3-4 hours planting time per row
PLUS I get higher yields because of the perfect spacing. Thanks Mike, New York Grower

Maize Mulch - Lightweight Film

We purchased this row cover so we could just turn it back into the soil at the end of the growing season. Easy to work with. I use a stainless pipe sharpened to punch holes in it at whatever spacing I desire.


Frost Blankets

Frost blankets are the only way to go if you are planting on the early side of the average frost date in your zone. Don't risk crop freeze and wasted work.
Good handling allows for multiple season use