Q: How do the WeedGuardPlus Mulches block weeds?
A: Each mulch product is 100% opaque. No light gets through the material: the weeds have no light so they can't grow.

Our mulch will block light (completely) so pre-emergent and emerged weeds will not be able to photosynthesize, will go chlorotic and die. No weeds Period.


Q: How long does it last?
A: Our mulches are engineered to last one growing season: Depending on climatics (rainfall) and soil moisture levels it decomposes gradually over about a three-nine month period. Any remaining product can be tilled or turned into the soil.


Q: What is it made from?
A: WeedGuard Mulches are paper-fiber and composed of 93% - 100% cellulose fibers, 6% water and 1% FDA approved food dyes and wet strength so it stays together when wet.


Q: How does water get to the soil and plants below?
A: The unique formula of all of our mulches is highly porous: permeable to air, and water passes through it to the soil and plant root system below. 


Q: Why doesn't it fall apart when it gets wet?
A: Our mulches contain a specially designed, FDA approved, wet-strength component. This keeps the material together when it gets wet, and allows it to withstand heavy rains.


Q: How does WeedGuardPlus, EcoMulch and GeoMulch decompose?
A: All of our mulches will decompose with exposure to soil (Microbes consume the cellulose for nutrition) and the rate of decomposition is dependent on microbial population level as well as soil moisture level - the wetter the soil the more the microbes consume the cellulose increasing decomposition.

Q: WeedGuardPlus, EcoMulch and GeoMulch are offered in Standard and Heavy Weight versions: what's the difference?
A: The base formula for all the products is the same. The Heavy weight simply contains more fiber. Heavy Weight WeedGuard is 54% heavier than Standard Weight; EcoMulch Standard Weight is 13% heavier than standard weight WeedGuard. GeoMulch is 33% heavier than standard weight WeedGuard


Q: Why is WeedGuardPlus darkish-brown in color?
A: Look and functionality! WeedGuardPlus is darker brown, WeedGuard-Earthtone and WeedGuard-Black have a color to be aesthetically appealing as a landscape mulch and to warm the soil in home gardening and production agriculture.  This darker colors can absorb sunlight and convert that light to heat — warming the soil and aiding earlier plant development.


Q: Why is EcoMulch (Earthtone) light brown in color?
A: EcoMulch is more of a lighter brown Earthtone color, contains no colorant and is made from lighter brown reclaimed corrugated box cuttings (Strong fiber).


Q: Why is GeoMulch black in color?
A: WeedGuard-Black aka GeoMulch is black in color as it is made from brown reclaimed corrugated box cuttings (Strong fiber) and we add carbon black. This black color is extra good at absorbing radiant heat and warming the soil below, aiding early plant establishment.


Q: How thick is the material?
A: WeedGuardPlus and EcoMulch Standard Weights are about as thick as a business card, but of course more pliable. The Heavy Weight grades are about twice as heavy and twice as strong and typically decompose more slowly.


Q: I'm used to using a black plastic mulch layer. What are the advantages of your "creped" versions?

A: All of our "creped" versions have greater pliability - this allows for the products to be both manually AND machine applied.



NOTE: Spring can bring on extreme weather, high velocity winds, torrential rains, hail, flooding and unpredictable climatic events. Laying out the WeedGuard, making plant holes and planting are not recommended during bad weather periods. If you are in a highly exposed field, where winds can be extreme, and heavy rains are expected, it is best to wait until conditions are good before proceeding. As climatics and usage methods vary, we are not able to provide product performance guarantees.

If you have questions or need help with installation, please give us a call 800-654-5432