No Matter What You Grow, WeedGuard Mulches

Will Provide Great Weed Control For You

This informative Video demonstrates the recommended set up for laying our mulches with a mechanical mulch layer.

All sway should be removed from the hitch and the mulch roll sThould unwind freely, and monitor tension for best unrolling.

The mulch layer trailing wheels position and angle - we recommend keeping these wheels parallel to the row, no angle, no slant, no pressure, just let them ride freely.

Colters should be away from the mulch and angles should be set for desired soil comb over the edge of the mulch. Be sure colters do not touch the mulch.

Start slowly and first, have someone walk behind and note where any tears are occuring and adjust settings accordingly

This is a short video of a farm team in New England who developed and made a great tool for manually laying out the WeedGuard mulch quickly and easily.
Made with PVC pipe about 55-58" wide and 2 T-End Caps

Put the PVC pipe through the core of the WeedGuard roll, then put a T-End Cap each side.

Feed a long rope through the each of the T-end caps tie ends of the two ropes so they make sort of a closed loop handle as in video.

Roll Out (on a calm day)
Have someone walk behind and toss shovel loads of soil all along both edges


Prepare the soil

Roll out the Mulch (EcoMulch in photo)

Cover the entire edge with soil to hold the mulch down and prevent winds from getting under the edges.

Make holes and position plants