How to control weeds... naturally

Weeds and invasive plants are the bane of landscapers, from
small backyards to large municipal parks, habitat restorations and transformations too. Weeds are a problem

Get effective eco-friendly control of weeds (all kinds) without hazardous chemicals.

       See how 100% biodegradable, 100% Bio-based      
       WeedGuard mulches make weed control both easy and 
       environmentally friendly.

Habitat Restoration

Effective, chemical free options

There’s a better way. WeedGuard Natural and Organic mulches give landscapers a safe, effective, eco-friendly alternative.
Our 100% Biodegradable, 100% Biobased, Permeable organic paper weedblock offers many advantages:

Saves Time and Money
Once you lay down WeedGuardPlus, you’re done with weeds. No more hand-weeding or spraying. You can even apply WeedGuard mulch right over existing weeds or invasive plant roots, and smother them with a single stroke.

Promotes Healthy Plants. WeedGuard mulch allows plants to establish without competition from weeds. What’s more, because the material is porous, it’s easy for water and nutrients to reach plant roots. And unlike black plastic, roots aren’t “cooked,” allowing them to support healthy plant growth.

Provides Lasting Protection durable WeedGuard mulch protects and lasts until your landscape plants have completed the essential establishment period and can crowd out weeds on their own. It maintains its integrity when wet, and gradually decomposes as your plants establish, adding beneficial organic matter to the soil. For over 12 months of weed protection, use a double layer of WeedGuard mulch.

 Landscaping Transformations