How to control weeds... naturally

Weeds and invasive plants are the bane of landscapers, from
small backyards to large municipal parks, habitat restorations and transformations too. Weeds are a problem

Get effective eco-friendly control of weeds (all kinds) without hazardous chemicals.

See how 100% biodegradable, 100% Bio-based WeedGuard mulches make weed control both easy and environmentally friendly.

Habitat Restoration

New ! TreeGuard

Effective, chemical free options

WeedGuard 18" Circles

 Landscaping Transformations

Site Situation: Dandelion and noxious weed infested yard

Goal: Eliminate the high cost of purchasing and installing sod, kill weeds (without chemicals) and transform area into lush drought tolerant,
no/low water turf

Location: Denver, Colorado

Area: approx 6,000 SqFt


1 layer WeedGuard Heavy Weight

Common (low cost) weed seed free topsoil

Drought tolerant perennial rye grass

1. WeedGuard rolled out 1 layer (3” edge overlap) directly over weed infested yard

2. Topsoil spread 1” (max) depth over entire layer of WeedGuard

3. Perennial Rye broadcast spreader dispersed over topsoil.

4. Light ¼” layer of topsoil lightly tossed over seeds

5. Brief watering 1x/day over 5 days

First significant germination = day 7

30 days later

The grass (or cover crop) roots will go through the WeedGuard and firmly establish.

The WeedGuard in the 4-6 weeks since starting project has blocked all light, so the weeds below die. The WeedGuard fully decomposes and feeds the new grass and soil below with nutrients and organic matter as it decomposes.