39 Acres of Peppers, Huatabampo Mexico





Our mulches work through "physics not chemicals" each product is 100% opaque to light, When no light gets through, the weeds can't survive, they turn chlorotic and die. Soil nutrients go to your plants - not the weeds

Our natural organic grower mulches are 100% opaque; meaning No Ligth gets through the mulch. No light means no emerging weeds can grow (they can't photosynthesize and will die) weed seeeds can't germinate either.

Our natural organic grower mulches are 100% Bio-based (no petroleum) and will 100% bio-degrade adding valuable organic matter/humus to your soil and plant root zones. Any remaining material can be tilled in at end of season

There are micropores in the paper which allow air and water to permeate. Both drip tape & overhead irrigation work. Air can circulate around the plants creating a comfortable (not too hot, not too cool) ideal microclimate .

In the upper photo you can see a sedge has grown under the black plastic mulch and the point has come through


In the photo below (same field) sedge points cannot go through our paper mulches and they cannot grow




Weed control is vital during the plants establishment. This allows your crops to access important nutrients and not compete with weeds. Less weeds, less competition, stronger healthier plants

The wide range of roll lengths and widths, provides many choices to best fit your rows. Plus pre-punched (perfect spacing and saves time) = improved yields. Pallet quantities and sheets are also available

Suitable for weed control with vegetables, fruit and ornamental trees. Installation by manual or machine method (creped versions).