Hoop houses and high tunnels provide ideal growing conditions – not just for plants, but for weeds, too! Learn why more and more growers are choosing WeedGuard Organic & Natural Mulches for hoop house and high tunnel production.

Once they blow in through open doors or piggy-back on plants or equipment, they can thrive. They’ll compete with your crops for nutrients, moisture and space.


If you’re looking for an eco-friendly solution, rule out black plastic and chemical herbicides. And manual weeding is both expensive and time-consuming.


The answer: WeedGuard Family of Mulch Products.  Our 100% Biobased, 100% biodegradable paper weedblock is effective, affordable, and especially well-suited to high tunnel and hoop house growing.


OK for Overhead Watering. Unlike black plastic, which requires drip irrigation, porous/permeable WeedGuard Mulches allow for overhead watering too. It’s specifically formulated to maintain

its integrity even when wet.


Healthy Root Development. Its porous nature also allows for healthy root development, unlike black plastic that can “cook” roots, especially with the elevated temperatures of controlled growing environments.

100% Biodegradable  and 100% BioBased. All of our mulch products slowly decomposes over the course of the growing season. After you harvest, it can be incorporated right into the soil, adding beneficial organic matter. What’s more, you save on the costs of removing and disposing of black plastic.


A Choice of Options. We offer a variety of products for different needs. Those of greatest benefit to high tunnel and hoop house production include:

Original WeedGuard - Std Weight Natural Organic Formulation 


EcoMulch Earthtone Brown Natural Organic Formulation, creped for ease of laying, medium weight, OMRI Listed

Maize Mulch Degradable Heavy Fabric Mulch compostable and degradable (36 months +) plastic mulch made from corn starch, offers an affordable eco-friendly choice for high tunnel use, home gardening and landscaping.