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Thank you for your interest in becoming a retailer of our high performance 100% biodegradable Garden Mulch products.

Todays consumer is opting for less plastic and more eco-friendly options with each and every purchase. To access Garden Center retailer products kindly first register here 

They see the landfills, the huge amount of plastic waste and the pollution in our parklands, rivers, and oceans. The best choices for weed control in home gardens is not chemicals and its not plastic - it is 100% biodegradable WeedGuard mulches. Economical, earth friendly, easy to use and effective non-selective (blocks any weed) chemical free (works on physics) weed control.  

Below, you will find a listing of poduct options for retailers. These products are custom manufactured specifically for Garden Centers.

The put-ups are offered in handy and easily affordable small roll dimensions and small rolls/cases for optimal flexibility for offering and placement in your stores.

Ideal placement locations include:
Vegetable Transplants, Seeds, Soil and Amendments and in the aisles or near checkout. 

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