TreeGuardPlus Extra Heavy Duty > NEW 24", 36" and 48" OD Circles; choose options below

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5.00 LBS


New  TreeGuardPlus
Ideal for new tree plantings in community parks and municipal landscaping sites

Extra Heavy Duty 
24", 36" and 48" OD Circles - with 3" ID Center hole and 6" ID extended fit perforated ring
Superb weed control around new tree plantings
100% Recycled Fiber
100% Bio-Degradable  
Air & Water Permeable

Eliminates competition from weeds and gives your new tree's, ornamentals
and perennials a stronger and healthier start.

Super Easy to Use, TreeGuard Extra Heavy Duty Circles block weeds plus allows plants
and soil to breathe
Feeds the soil with organic matter as it biodegrades

All TreeGuardPlus circles have a slit to the center circle so it is super easy to just slip the TreeGuardPlus circle around your trees.
Has center 3" ID cutout hole with perfed ring at 6" for easy and quick placement around all trees
up to 6" in diameter - newly planted or existing

Use for
Ideal for new tree plantings in community parks and municipal landscaping site restorations 
Superb Weed control around new trees
Superb Weed control around perennials

Landscape Plantings
Arborscaping Projects

Government Agencies - please call for special volume pricing 800-654-5432

Choose Convenient 10, 25 or 50 Sheet Packs
100 and 250 sheet option also available
Need Larger Volumes, Please Call for Pricing 800-654-5432