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A good range of Roll options for effective and essential weed control around vegetables

  • EcoMulch is OMRI Listed for Certified Organic Growers

  • All products are:
    100% Bio-Degradable (Except PathGuard Woven) 
    100% Bio-Based
    Permeable to Air and Water
    Suitable for use with drip lines or overhead irrigation (Except PathGuard Woven)
    Provide organic matter to your soil and they decompose (Except PathGuard Woven)

  • EcoMulch, GeoMulch and WeedGuardPlus Standard Weight can be 
    applied with Flat Bed mulch layer
  • WeedGuardPlus Heavy Weight can be 
    applied with Flat Bed and Raised Bed (3"- 5") mulch layer